about me


It is through our heart that we find our path.

During my childhood I studied people. I observed their every move, wanting to understand them. The survivalist in me believed that if I could predict the why, when, and how people did things, I would be able to control what happened to me; I could avoid experiencing pain and trauma. This taught me notice and catalog the subtlest changes in people’s behavior, tone, and body language.

As a teenager, still trying to control the world around me, I felt hopeless, depressed, and often suicidal. I spent much of my time sitting on the beach staring at the ocean. I truly believe that this “meditating” saved my life.

I became a bartender at the age of 21. This is where I really began to "see” and understand human beings. For more than 20 years I had direct relationships and conversations with every “…ism” there is: optimism, idealism, perfectionism, cynicism, fatalism, narcism, racism, sexism, defeatism, escapism, hedonism, you get the idea. And don’t forget, your bartender probably played your therapist at some point in your life.

At 27 my heart was broken. I was devastated beyond anything I had known. I chose, for the first time in my life, to “feel” the pain instead of avoiding, controlling, and stuffing my emotions. This was my first step toward conscious healing.

Soon after I began studying with John Marino; A man who healed his rheumatoid arthritis through yoga and bodywork. I learned about the body, what we hold in it, what happens when it shifts, and how the mind is accountable.

My 30’s progressed with traditional talk therapy and hypnotherapy. In recent years I received shamanic healings, kambo treatments, and I walked the Camino de Santiago. I participated in transformational trainings, and ayahuasca ceremonies. I learned about the mind, neural pathways, and their connection to the body. Most recently, I have cultivated a transformative meditation practice that keeps me grounded, connected, and clear on my path.

I have learned that we all have the capacity to heal our wounds and find our way. It is my honor to use my knowledge, experience, training, and intuition to support others in following their heart and finding their path.