Anger to Sadness

Anger and Sadness

What do these emotions have to do with each other? They seem so different; one full of movement, and fire, the other low energy and moving slow. What if I told you that anger is actually the culmination of sadness that has been stuffed down deep. That the things you are angry about are due to a deep sadness that you have been carrying. Maybe you have been carrying this for just a little while, or maybe you’ve been carrying it since you were a child. It is like a glacier that grows below the surface, and eventually, if the sadness is not released, the tip will rise above the water. When the tip touches the air it manifests into anger, and depending on how much is built up below it may explode.

People say that we should manage our anger, perhaps what we really need to do is allow the sadness to move and release. Getting angry does that. Once the top of the glacier blows off, movement has begun. It is important to not run away from the sadness that follows, but instead allow yourself to feel it. Allow the feelings to move through you so that you can release them. Nobody wants to feel sadness, but it is a part of our lives, and when we deny our feelings and don’t allow them to move through our bodies they will manifest in ways that are more volatile or harmful to the body and self. (rage, depression, and physical illness).

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