what i do

Together we will walk to find the path to your inner wisdom, heart, and the part of you that governs your truth. You will learn how to connect to your body, and use it for guidance. I will assist you in identifying roadblocks, quieting the mind, facing fears, and gaining clarity.

We can work on a specific issue or life as a whole. It is important to understand the threads of our lives are interconnected, each affecting the other. I follow these threads where they lead, to maximize results.That you are reading this means you are looking for something in your life to shift; knowing and accepting that is a brave act. Your ability to listen to your inner wisdom should be celebrated!

Single guide sessions are available, but I prefer to work with people willing to commit to 1 , 3, or 6 months. Working together for an extended period of time cultivates a greater understanding of yourself and a deeper ability to connect to your path. I can work with you no matter your location. Sessions are usually conducted through video calls. I can do telephone sessions, and in person appointments can be arranged in NYC. To determine if I am a good fit for you please click below to answer a few questions and schedule a free consultation.